Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's back from the dead! After over a year of not posting I decided to update everyone on how we are doing, when we are moving and all that Jaaazz. (you can't tell but I'm doing spirit fingers)

I'm sitting on our red couch typing away while August grunts out a poop at my feet. I didn't even get 3 sentences in before having to run off to change a nappy. I'll be right back.....

AND I'm back.

Let me start with August since he's the one who is awake and wriggling at my feet. He's pretty much the easiest baby I've ever encountered. He's a great eater, sleeps like a champ (most of the time), and has this perma-grin that will melt the sourest of moods. He has two bottom teeth and whole heck of a lot of fat rolls. Oh the glorious fat rolls. Rowan was always so skinny with his reflux-hating to eat problems that I didn't get to experience the loveliness of a baby that is so squishy you just want to have a cuddle every time you get near him. Dude is 6 months old in 9-12 month clothing. He's so talkative, well, when I say talkative I mean he squeals constantly. It's a super happy velociraptor type shriek. He's most happy on his tummy doing pushups and getting up on his knees.

I have a confession, he's started doing that rocking on hands and knees thing and every time I see him do it, I tickle him. (to make him fall back down on his belly)

I'm so happy right now putting him down and knowing he has a 360 degree radius (unless he starts his rolling thing) and not having to worry about him crawling. I want to stay here, in this stage for a while. Rowan crawled at 6 months and walked at 9. I'm not gonna let that happen again.

Momma didn't raise no fool. Let the tickling commence.

Rowan is a bruiser, and by bruiser I mean he constantly has bruises all over his body. (Yes i'm aware that's not what bruiser means) He's a dare devil that loves climbing and rough housing. Poor Gus gets jumped on at least 4 times a day but takes it like a champ.

He is tall and skinny (still hates eating most of the time) and the most lovely little man there ever was. He's getting more and more fun the older he gets. He is pretty obsessed with cars, trucks, busses, trains, and Daddy. Really, the kid talks about his Dad on the constant and when he gets home it's a mad dash to the door screaming DA DA HOME DA DA HOME. Raymond eats it up. It's so much fun watching those two together.

Rowan's other great passion is Music, which makes his Mama very happy. He is a dancing, pretend guitar playing machine. I'm sure my neighbours think I'm nutzo because they see me dancing in circles and Rowan is too short to be seen through the window.

Truth gun: Sometimes I pick him up and dance with him so people will see I'm not dancing alone.

When in fact, most the time he's fighting me to be put down so he can shake his own booty. Close the curtains you say? Heck no, we get so little sunlight I'll take every tiny ray that makes it's way in our natural light deprived flat.

Rowan is on the slower end of talking but has new words every day and is pretty good at communicating what he needs. He's the best sleeper in these parts and is so very sweet, always ready to give out kisses, hugs and pats.


Well that didn't come out the way I wanted...


There we go. Nailed it.

I'm doing great. Love being a mom of two amazing boys. I have SO many amazing friends that the prospect of moving this summer is really sad but I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us. Wherever we do end up moving I really want to try and cultivate a community like the one here in St Andrews. Here is a quote a dear friend posted a while ago that nails this community on the head. THANKS ELISSA

"The word community has many connotations, some positive, some negative. Community can make us think of a safe togetherness, shared meals, common goals, and joyful celebrations. It also can call forth images of sectarian exclusivity, in-group language, self-satisfied isolation, and romantic naiveté. However, community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own (see Philippians 2:4). The question, therefore, is not 'How can we make community?' but 'How can we develop and nurture giving hearts?'" Henri Nouwen

Raymond is finishing up his PhD and should be done in the next several months. This time learning under N. T. Wright has been really amazing and he's learned so much. He is really going to be an amazing teacher.

Raymond is currently on the Job hunt. If you know of anyone looking for a New Testament Scholar let us know!!! For Real... We'd like a job. If you refer him to a job and he get's it, Rowan and I will do a little musical number for you. Song and Dance the Mother Son Duo!

He's applying for positions teaching in Higher Education as well as teaching High/Middle school. We are applying all over the US now but not opposed to moving to other parts of the world.

We will go where God wants us, wherever, whenever, we want to follow where He leads. Amen.

If we don't have a job by July we are going to be moving back to Charlotte where I will be looking after my sweet little niece (LAURA'S DUE IN JULY!!!!!) when my twinny goes back to work. So if you know of a place that needs House sitting? or an affordable place to rent in Charlotte let a sister know!

Ahhhh you made it all the way through my book long post! Congratulations as a reward here is a video or Rowan playing his duplo guitar. Please don't look at his haircut, I'm learning. Also, sorry for the copious amount of drooling. New teeth for everyone!!!

Much Love to all,

Later days.


  1. Hands down one of the most entertaining blog posts I've ever read. "The ADULT SECTION." Ha! Brilliant.

  2. Loved reading your updates and have to admit to doing so sneakily at work during a quiet hour, and struggling not to laugh out loud and give myself away! Your boys are so cute! And I selfishly want you guys to move back to Charlotte - we move there in the summer!

    1. Aw thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. By any chance might I know who posted this? WHO IS MOVING TO CHARLOTTE???